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easiest way to create a usb DOS boot disk using linux

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Easiest way to create a usb DOS boot disk using linux ( Ubuntu specifically ).

I forget how to do this all the time.  I spent almost 2 hours searching google and reading/trying lots of various ways to create a usb boot disk until I found a blog entry by 0sumgain at blogspot.


In case the original gets lost, I've copied the original text here:

  1. Use gparted to create a single FAT16 formatted partition on the flash drive.
    • You can install gparted using apt-get install gparted
    • You may need to first umount the USB flash drive before you can partition and format it.
  2. Use unetbootin to install a bootable FreeDOS onto the flash drive.
    • Install unetbootin using apt-get install unetbootin or read WestCoastSuccess' comment.
    • Run unetbootin and:
      • Select the distribution FreeDOS.
      • Select your USB flash drive
      • Click OK. This will download FreeDOS to create a DOS bootable flash drive.
  3. Copy your motherboard's BIOS update and flashing utility files into the root of flash drive. These files will be located in B: or C: drive when you boot into FreeDOS.
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